My first Flash-made iPhone App

I call it No-Face Smiley Face. And the great thing about this app is that seeing a screengrab of it is an identical experience to playing it. So if you don’t own an iPhone, you aren’t missing anything.

Okay, so I’ll admit this is the first time I experimented with using CS5 to create an iPhone app, package it and install it using iTunes. And is amazingly simple. Especially since last night I battled with a CodeSign certificate error in XCode, which I still haven’t resolved. Apple still has some serious work in troubleshooting the process of developers actually publishing/installing their apps. Grrr.

Anyway, here’s some useful links from Adobe that got me setup…

Developing for iOS using Flash

Managing certificates, Device IDs, App IDs and Provisioning Profiles

Converting a developer certificate into a P12 File

Obtaining and working with iPhone developer files

Install the Application on the iPhone


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