The Experts have their say on HTML5

ActiveTuts has a great article today. Or compilation really of different industry experts and their thoughts on HTML5, Flash and more. Here’s an excellent clipping from Keith Peters….

I think the whole argument of technology X vs. technology Y is stupid and childish and anyone who gets all defensive about their technology – or offensive about some other technology – is mainly showing off their own lack of confidence or certainty in their own future. I know Flash very well. I can do Flex. I can code up just about anything on the iPhone. I’ve dabbled in Android. I’m currently learning Silverlight and XNA for Windows Phone 7 development. You fear what you don’t understand. The more you learn, the less you fear.

Great last line. Very true. I’ve got 2 HTML5 books coming in the mail tomorrow. I do kind of fear them =)



3 thoughts on “The Experts have their say on HTML5

  1. Yes this was a good article, the only problem is that Steve Jobs said that flash is dead! this what botherd a lot of developers/designers and affected the flash comunity in a bad way.

    Justin I miss your tutorials the ones that you used to make. After reading the html5 books maybe you can record something for the cartoonsmart fun boys 🙂

  2. Thanks brother, mostly just gonna be studying HTML5 in the short term. Working on some Android stuff now. What I really need to do is buy a device to test on. Easy to justify that “business expense”


  3. True we web developers all need to buy this crap , amdroid phone and tablet, the sad thing for me is that I don’t need this stuff 😦

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