Flash Videos on your iPhone. Finally. And Kinda

Okay, lets add another digit to SkyFire’s millions today. Just saw this on CNN, and re-approved for your pleasurest pleasuring is an app to watch Flash videos on your iPhone or iPad. I ker-plunked down my $2.99 (here’s the iTunes link for SkyFire) and ya know what?….its okay, I guess.

First thing you’ll realize when you go to test it out is that the top 10 sites you usually go to for Flash video divert you to some other site or some mobile version that doesn’t use Flash and is already converting their video. And when you finally breakdown and end up just going to YouTube to try it out, you’ll be like “okay it works, but I’ll never use this for YouTube because there’s an app for YouTube”. But anyway, point is, eventually you’ll be on some site and wonder, “can I load this in SkyFire?”, and when you try to, maybe it will.

Okay, not an overwhelmingly positive review, but its probably still worth a couple bucks. Technically, its really interesting. And in some ways its just a cooler web browser. It also reiterates the absolute pointlessness that is going on over at Apple with them still resisting Flash… My prediction, that ban is well within a year of being lifted. And Apple approving this app, is a good sign that the wall is falling.





2 thoughts on “Flash Videos on your iPhone. Finally. And Kinda

  1. Interesting.

    After what Steve Jobs said about flash, I think flash will never run on IOS devices like iphone and ipad but who knows… One thing is for sure, mobile devices will become more and more powerful and in the near future almost eveything will run on them, crap maybe they will even get better then the PC 🙂

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