Another taste of Flash on an iOs device

Well, I thought I’d share this, but I’m not gambling $14.99 myself to test it out. Here’s what this article says the iLIVEx X11 Emulator does…

StarNet enhances its iLIVEx X11 emulator for iPad with the ability to automatically display the Firefox web browser. Now users can run flash video on iPads.

And also…

Viewing Flash – With Firefox, iLIVEx enables iPad users to work with flash-based web sites and applications.

Cool, right. Well I don’t see any mention of that in the App store, so there’s my skepticism. But if anyone has tried it, I’d like to know if its just Flash Video it displays or actual Flash. Because I’m reading two things above. Anyway, I saw the name of the app, and figured that was enough of an excuse to show this Futurama screengrab…

Eeeeeek, the 1-X.



Also if any of you missed this article/mostly comic on CNN yesterday, go read it. Here’s a few panels from SuperLotto vs Unemployed Man…


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