Flash comes to the MacBook…wait, what?

So I was kinda tapped out this Monday morning for anything to post up here on the blog and did what I always do when there’s nothing else going on but the rent, I googled “Adobe” and looked under News. Well here’s something I didn’t know. The Macbook Air did NOT have Flash preinstalled on it like most other Apple products. More Flash-bashing by Apple? Maybe, maybe not.  Apparently, Flash was draining the battery by a big 2 hours, so it is reasonable they are giving people the option to install Flash. And wait, isn’t that what Apple should be doing with the iPad and iPhone too??? Methinks yes.

Anyway, here’s the good news… Adobe is optimizing Flash for the MacBook Air. Which if I can remember right this all has something to do with Adobe and Apple actually talking to each other underneath the hood of the Flash plugin and being like “oh you’re doing that? Well we’re doing this, and we should probably be doing this other thing” And wha-lah. All fixed. No more tears.


One thought on “Flash comes to the MacBook…wait, what?

  1. Is more then clear that apple wants flash dead because it is an bad for their business and this battery stuff is funny, what they do not specify that any reach content drains the battery like html5, advanced JS, Dilverlight, Java etc.

    But I agree this is what they should have done with ipad and iphone too give the user the option to install flash player.

    Also here is what happens if you want to build games in html5, is worse then flash5.


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