New Actionscript 3 Tutorial: Strategy Games! And More Vector Art!

Its officially available now! John Nyquist’s first Actionscript 3 Strategy Game tutorial for CartoonSmart. You can work through the lessons using Flash, Flash Builder (Flex 4 if you want to call it that still) or Flash Develop. All three of those are perfectly fine because this is primarily an Actionscript 3 tutorial, and it is a power-packed one!

You’ll learn how to create terrains, using spatial averaging, draw with the graphics class, dealing with bits, connected component labeling to detect regions, and more.  Plus this is the first tutorial in a series detailing how to create a complete turn-based strategy game like those oh-so-popular Civilization games.  And remember, since this is an AS3 tutorial, you can use what you create to publish to both the iPhone /iPad or Android devices.

Aaannnnnd! We’ve also got more Royalty Free Vector Art compilations from master illustrator Brian Z ( check out his work at ) This time he brings us Quotable Aliens and Animals. Two collections full of characters and quote bubbles. Each package has versions of each character in Adobe Illustrator, Flash-saved copies, and exported PNG’s. So these are ready to roll into whatever game or project you’ll need them for.


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