Flash Player 10.2 Beta Playa

Lookie here, Adobe has a beta out of the latest and hopefully greatest Flash Player plugin. Most notable is the improved video playback. Here’s a guy in a Star Trek uniform talking more about it…

…Ahhh, yes. Nothing like a crowd of people cheering for a drop in CPU usage when vector art is displayed over video (it is cool though) .


One thought on “Flash Player 10.2 Beta Playa

  1. Ha. I am just about to finish a video player and this is just too cool.

    I already have some cool ideas for websites that have some cool hd videos in the background! and now this is possible.

    In flash player 11 we will have hardware rendering for 3d an I have a feeling that even 2d websites will be made with 3d because of the performance boost.

    I am happy to see that Adobe is finally taking this stuff serious.

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