Flash CS5 Tutorial on Actionscript 3 Touch Events for Mobile or Touch-Enabled Devices

Is everyone liking this new once a day release of videos? Here’s one more on Touch events with Actionscript 3. The code will work for Flash Player 10.1 or for apps exported to the iOs line (iPhone or iPad) or apps made for Android. I say that without actually testing it on an Android device, but so far so good with the iPhone.

Btw, when this series of videos is finished, I’ll add them to this course….  cartoonsmart.com/​ultimate_actionscript3.php5 For now though, source files can be found at cartoonsmart.com/​vimeo/​Touch_examples.zip

Also I just came across this new story about Google showing off a smoother-running version of Android on a tablet.



7 thoughts on “Flash CS5 Tutorial on Actionscript 3 Touch Events for Mobile or Touch-Enabled Devices

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks, great vid! But how did you get Device Central working with the iphone app builder in cs5?? It’s not even an option for me.

  2. Device Central is disabled / enabled depending on the target of your project. Ironically its disabled for the iPhone. But if you changed your publish settings to Flash Player 10, it’ll be back. Honestly, I don’t get it either. I think Adobe just doesn’t have a good iPhone simulator so they leave it off as an option altogether

  3. Michael says:

    What is the font you have the AS code set to in this video? I can’t seem to find it in the list of fonts

  4. Jason says:

    Great vid, I learned a lot, thanks! But what is bothering me with the touchevent class is that when I use Touch_BEGINS, the action is only carried out once and it stops regardless if I am pressing down one the screen.How would I code it so the code will keep repeating until I lift my finger of the screen?

  5. On touch begins you could call an event listener that just keeps running until a boolean variable tells it stop. so your touch ends statement would switch that boolean to false.

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