Actionscript 3, Google Maps, and Geolocation Tutorial

A new week and a new tutorial. Another quickie on using Flash CS5 and Actionscript 3 to import in Google Maps AND if you’re feeling brave enough to install an exported App version to the iPhone or Android you can use the new Geolocation code to get your latitude and longitude and use that with the Google Map. In my testing though, I could only get the Lat and Longitude to work on the iPhone (not the Google Map part). But I did test exporting an AIR app and installing that on the Android Emulator and the Google Map showed up fine. So for the most part a success. And yes a tutorial on getting your AIR app on the Android emulator should be posted as early as tomorrow. As late as whenever I feel like it =)

Source files can be found at​vimeo/​

Also does anyone know what software this animation was done in?? Please comment. (its a little NSFW, so I’ll have you jump to it on YouTube and technically this blog is still SFW) UPDATE: Looks like its done with


4 thoughts on “Actionscript 3, Google Maps, and Geolocation Tutorial

  1. Jay says:

    This is a web where the characters pre generated, and you just enter the text and converted to dialogue.

    Sight!!! I forgot the name of the site.

    However, they have a lot of political characters.


  2. sprfrkr says:

    Nice! Thanks, I was hoping to do some auto video generation based on product descriptions and this software looked like it could do it.

  3. Rhys says:

    I am on windows and I had a bit of a headache finding where to put the files, the location you give in the video doesn’t exist. I went to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\Common\Configuration\Components and then i created a folder called google, the rest worked fine.
    Thanks for the video!

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