Actionscript 3 Mobile Development Course

Hey, remember those free tutorials I posted to Vimeo? Well if you’d like to pay for those AND a few more, I’ve put together a super cheap $5 package with all the High Definition tutorial movies and source code. Some fun stuff that got added to the entire course (and isn’t posted to Vimeo) are the CameraRoll tutorial (about taking snapshots of your Flash movie and sending them to the camera roll) and how to export to an Android device (thanks to my Galaxy Tab, I now know how. Muuaah I could kiss it) .

So the whole course covers Actionscript 3 and Flash CS5 concerning…

  • The Accelerometer
  • Multi-Touch Input
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Google Maps and Geolocations
  • Saving the stage the Camera Roll (or pulling images from it)
  • Orientation
  • Exporting and Installing Your App to the iPhone
  • Exporting and Installing Your App to an Android Device


8 thoughts on “Actionscript 3 Mobile Development Course

  1. I am really curious about how flash performs on the galaxy tab. And how about regular websites that have only mouse events codded, will those be recognized at least the usual onse CLICK, MOUSE_DOWN ?

  2. PVP says:

    Thank you for another great tutorial set! I was wondering if there will be any more advanced flash app creation ones coming down the pike which might include things like P2P connections.

  3. Sebastian Aurelian says:

    Thank you very much for this, I bough it last week, and it was very helpful. I do have some questions regarding this course but I’m not sure if this is the place to ask.
    One of them is that I’ve tried to use those 2 files apk you’ve exported with my phone. One of them, accelerometer.apk gave me an install error ( File not installed) and the other one got installed ( fighter.apk) , I’ve got a nice little icon with my apps, but when I run it the screen just goes black.
    I have a samsung i5500 phone with an US Android 2.2 leaked altough my phone is Europe ( not the official Europe version). I’ve managed somehow to get the Adobe AIR which was by the way a difficult task and install it on my phone.
    I’ve seen the movies for like 5-6 times and build example apps along while I was watching.
    The problem is that I’m not sure if the Android that I’ve got installed is the issue, the AIR runtime I’ve found in a not safe area is the issue, or maybe the way I’m deploying the files.
    One thing to mention is that when I setup the apk file, In the deployment tab where you have to check “After publish ” i have install and launch … but no sign of the ” path to adb … ” .
    Hope you have some advice for me, or if not, maybe this informations will help you in the future.
    Thank you again and keep up the good work.

  4. Sebastian Aurelian says:

    I’ve started to explain and somehow I’ve got lost in transition. The issue that I’m trying to put in your attention is that I get this message for each file I compile for Android … that it canno install application … even the files that you’ve archieved in the course.
    Hope you have an advice. Or I might just go to get that gingerbread pre installed phone 😀 … that could be a solution 😀
    Thank’s in advance.

  5. I would first be sure it’s AIR 2.5 you have installed, but with your other issues, yeah it could be anything. And just because the source files are good to go on my dev environment doesn’t mean the same for you. For example the path to the adb definitely needs to be in there. Did you download the Android SDK?

  6. Sebastian Aurelian says:

    Hello again and thank you for your quick reply.
    The build that I’ve got installed on my phone is Adobe AIR_2.5.15320 . It’s from a third party website because when I try to get it from the market it says that it cannot be found.
    Yes, I’ve got the SDK from Android for my computer and followed the steps. The issue with this files is that In my Flash CS5 deployment tab I cannot choose “path to adb…” … it’s a blank space where it was supposed to be a menu with browser for files
    (I have the last update from Adobe). I could send you an attachement with print screen.
    About the apk’s from you … I tought that if I don’t do anything to them and just copy/paste them in my root sd phone, and from there run … they will run ( if I let’s say have the right AIR version ). I did’nt thought that they target certain phones.

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