Poll Time: Maya or Unity Tutorials

I got back in touch with my Papervision instructor Manu yesterday, and we are kicking around some ideas for new tutorials. He’s becoming a master of both Unity 3D and Maya, so given a choice between those two programs, which tutorials would you rather see…


4 thoughts on “Poll Time: Maya or Unity Tutorials

  1. udbhav says:

    I think we should do Maya. I checked out their website and it looks cool! Unity just looks like a boring tool you spend endless hours on trying to do a single task…

  2. JV says:

    A combination of the two would be great as well. Much like Wes McDermott’s book, “Creating 3D GAME ART for the iPhone with Unity iOS: Featuring modo and Blender Pipelines”, a set of Maya>Unity3D pipeline tutorials would be a fantastic addition to the Unity3D community.

  3. JV says:

    @udbhav You can’t really compare the two really. They both perform different tasks. Maya for 3d modeling/animation, and Unity3D for realtime 3d (game engine).

    If we can only choose between between one or the other for tutorials (and not a combination like I proposed), I would vote for Unity3D tuts. There is a plethora of Maya tuts out there already (has been for many years now).

    While I’m sure we’ll end up with a great set of tutorials no matter which subject Justin/Manu ultimately decides to go with, some new Unity3D tuts will be a welcome addition to the much smaller pool of quality tuts currently available. Also, Unity3D is more in line with current gaming nature of the tuts here on CartoonSmart.

    Maya is a giant bag of mixed tricks, so narrowing down what subject matter to cover would be interesting. Do you cover; modeling (hi-poly, lo-poly, sub-d, nurbs even?), animation, dynamics, lighting, texturing, rendering? (and that’s just skimming on the surface of what you can do) So, what do you cover that hasn’t already been covered somewhere else, and make it relevant to CartoonSmart subject matter? Like I said… it would be interesting 😉

    Ultimately, I look forward to whatever we end up getting…and am confident it will be another quality CartoonSmart product.

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