New Toon Boom Animate Tutorials!

Holla! Its 2011!!  Finally, right. One more year till 2012 and we can all say “so long suckers” forever and evaporate into space dust when some totally sweet solar junk wipes its butt with Earth JUST like the Mayans said would happen…Oh what’s that? The Mayans just said 2012 was the start of a new solar cycle? Crap. I guess I gotta work this year. I guess Mastercard wants their money back. This guy likes money too. Oh heck, if I’m posting random Idiocracy links, lemme just post the intro below this important stuff….

So to get ya started on your next project, Justin Cook returns with 2 excellent Toon Boom animation courses. For sale as a combo pack for only $10!  And you’ll get that fully rigged character for free as a source file, which for legal purposes looks nothing like the great Bruce Campbell. Just sayin’.

Also don’t forget you can hire Justin to do just about anything. His site is

Got any predictions for 2011? I’m listening to ALL your crazy or non-crazy comments. Go for it.

Okay here’s some fun to start the year (careful of the F-bomb at work)…

3 thoughts on “New Toon Boom Animate Tutorials!

  1. iykeweb says:

    Hello Justin. I just bought your lesson on wave attack with Cocos2d and Xcode. Can you put me in the direction where I can rig my characters (as I can imagine that your characters have to be rigged before coding for movement).
    Just don’t know how to go about it.


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