Amazon Appstore!

Alright FlashCS5-sters, here’s even more reason to start making some apps. Android is now accepting developers to their version of the Android AppStore. One thing that seems promising with this vs. the Google Market App is that, well, this is Amazon. To my knowledge, I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything through Google Checkout (though those sneaks at Google probably have my payment info somewhere) but nearly everyone has an Amazon account. So given a choice between un-walleting your credit card for those 16 evil digits of debt, you can just pay through your usual Amazon account (I’m assuming).

And good news, its free to sign up to be a developer right now! (bad news, in a year it’ll cost you $99). Maybe you can cancel by then, but at least for a year you can test out the store and try to make something that’ll eventually pay the subscription fee. ¬†Alternately, the Google Developer fee is $25 (one time fee).

And remember CartoonSmart does have some awesome tutorials on Flash and Actionscript 3 for Android development. Taught by yours truly.


One thought on “Amazon Appstore!

  1. Cool!

    I just got the samsung galaxy tab and I am very impressed of how well flash performs, some of my templates can be used without any kind of optimizations.

    Some cool photography templates and components will come up for pc and tablets!

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