Professional Storyboarding Tutorial and Toon Boom Animate Discount Code

Happy Mid-Month!

I’m excited to announce our Professional Storyboarding tutorial, an incredibly insightful two video series taught by two instructors working in the animation industry. Spark Flow Studios has lent us some of their talent (and art) to help guide you through what’s expected of a professional storyboard / animatic artist.

Also our friends at Toon Boom are offering up a special discount price for Animate. You can get it for $299.99 (instead of $699.99). The Promo Code is ANICS11  (valid until Jan 31)

Finally Justin Cook has a lesson of his own to sell over at on inking and coloring! Check that out. And great news, he’s currently prepping a Flash Animation, the likes of which have never been seen here at CartoonSmart. If you visit the blog today, I’ll let guesses run rampant in the comments section about the topic. Hint: us boys (and some girls) drew these little guys in grade school constantly.

And here’s what else is coming soon…

JQuery Tutorial
Digital Inking and Painting in Photoshop
Illustrator CS5 with Brian Z (he’s done those fantastic templates for us)
Connecting Flex and your WebCam
Using Appcelerator’s Titanium to make an RSS Reader App
Thats all for now!


7 thoughts on “Professional Storyboarding Tutorial and Toon Boom Animate Discount Code

  1. oh my bad, I just purchased the tutorial havent seen it yet, but that is dope… ha dope gotta use 90’s slang for this bro.

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