Two New Tutorials and a New Template


Here comes new stuff!

For you coding junkies, we’ve got a fantastic new tutorial on JQuery taught by Lawrence Turton. What the heck is JQuery you might ask? Its a Javascript library that easily lets you do a lot of fancy stuff! More details on this discounted 4 hour tutorial are here.

For you artists, illustrator extraordinaire, Neil Phyfer, brings us a lengthy course which takes you through the real time process of creating a lush cartoon painting. He uses Photoshop CS5, and goes through sketching, inking, shadowing, highlighting and final FX. This tutorial is also discounted here.

Last up, master programmer Tibi offers up an amazingly cool Flash template which is optimized for mobile devices and tablets (like the Samsung Tab). This new deep linking template can be found here.

Thanks for listening!


2 thoughts on “Two New Tutorials and a New Template

  1. I’m new to the tutorials and am interested in the Photoshop illustration/painting one. Two quick questions: I use Photoshop Elements 6 (Mac) and want to make sure the lesson would be applicable. The other question is if the tutorials are downloadable (and if so, in what format), or are they streaming? Thanks!

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