Want to read about animation for a change

Here’s an interesting article (thanks Dad) from the Wall Street Journal about something many of know about already: Good animation is a pain in the arse. Here’s a taste…

Insurance giant Geico is using the lo-fi animation for a series of TV ads. Some of the most successful amateur video-makers are fielding offers from agents and producers. One popular animation site, Xtranormal, has been adapting its technology for smart phones.

The graphics in these videos are simplistic, and the voices are typically computerized monotones—it’s a long way from the golden age of animation. But TV shows such as “South Park” have refined the art of using crude-looking animated figures to comment on the news of the day. The Taiwanese firm Next Media Animation pumps out animated spoofs online—sometimes in a matter of hours—in response to everything from Tiger Woods’s meltdown to Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the U.S. (Mr. Hu tosses the keys to his jet to President Barack Obama, calling over his shoulder, “Don’t scratch it.”) Now, the masses are getting in on the joke.

Here’s the Geico commercial they mention…

…. They have a point I guess. I’ve been dealing with a hangnail on my toe for more than 15 minutes. The only reason I’m flexible at all is because my teeth are about to deal with this.


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