Neato! Ninja Toss in the Android Market Store

So I finished this app about 2 hours ago, took a break for lunch, quickly did some screenshots and as of minutes ago the app is in the Android Store. How cool is that!? No nail-bitingly long approval process like the Apple App store. Of course there’s a good and bad side to that, but for a normal non-copyright infringing non-criminal developer like myself, its great to develop an app over a week’s time and then get it submitted right away. Here’s why…

Your ideas (and by “your” I also mean “my”) are not as great as you think they are (and by “great” I mean, worth bags of money). Its just true. So why not test the waters a bit with a quick Flash-made game, then if it does seem to sell well in the Android market, you can consider retooling it for the iPhone or iPad. Or if you’re lucky enough, your app will actually be submittable to Apple’s store from Flash, buuuuutttt I wouldn’t count on it (as I’m hearing from many students trying to do so).

Also even if your app doesn’t sell a lot in the Android store, but you’re convinced its got promise in the big leagues, you can work out a lot of the kinks in Flash and get it perfect first. That is if you’re like me, and work much faster in Flash than XCode.

Anyways, if you want to check out the $1.00 version of my game, you can explore more below (also in the next day or so, I’ll do a free level-reduced version as well). Thanks…

FYI, if you want a URL to your Android App, it looks something like this…

The package name is the important part at the end. And if you’re using the Flash CS5, AIR to Android publish option, you should really take notice of the “air.” part before your own app name.



One thought on “Neato! Ninja Toss in the Android Market Store

  1. A shame it wont let me install it. Something about not being compatible with my handset, even though its a new top of the line Samsung Galaxy.

    Just a possible heads up in case this is hampering your sales. 😉

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