Early stats on my Android Game

My Ninja Toss game has been in the Android store for a couple days and Ninja Toss Free has been in there about 24 hours so for anyone interested the install stats are below. Active installs are people that still have the game installed. So that percentage is the number of people that were like “I guess I’ll keep this”…

Obviously at this rate the paid version won’t be paying off the mortgage this month (the first day sales will probably be as high as they get since the game gets some exposure in the “Just in” section), but the free version is getting some good installs. And of course there’s a link in the free one to both the paid version and a little website called CartoonSmart.

The real point of this article is that THIS IS FUN. Actually its REALLY fun seeing what an app does from day to day. When my iPhone/iPad games hit the store I would be awake until 3 am most nights waiting for Apple to refresh the day’s stats. And for a couple weeks I’ll probably be checking these stats constantly ( I haven’t yet figured out exactly when Google updates these, so my hot-key fingers for refreshing the browser are getting carpel tunnel).

So if you got an hour or two extra in your day, develop something. Work on it at night. Your app doesn’t need to be the next Facebook, just make something silly and watch what it does.

And yes, here comes the shameless plug, but we do have a course in mobile app development using Flash CS5.



3 thoughts on “Early stats on my Android Game

  1. Looking at the statistics link is also interesting – where you’ll find a couple more from the UK for the Free version (1 S G Tab, 1 HTC desire).
    Emailed you with a few comments.

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