AIR 2.6 Update (pay attention Android developers submitting to Amazon)

For those of you making AIR to Android apps , you might want to head over and download the latest runtime (AIR 2.6) and read the official word from Adobe.

It sounds like the packager for the iOS has some big improvements regarding playback (which was definitely very sluggish before)

And this update to 2.6 is required if you want to submit your Flash-made Android apps to the Amazon Store. My app got rejected (hopefully for the last time) because it wasn’t built with 2.6

After downloading the AIR SDK, they kiiiinnnda neglect to mention what to do with it. I guess the smart folk all just sorta know, but for me, I just replaced the same files and folders that were in with my Flash CS5 Application folder. So there was a folder called AIK2.5 and I just took the 2.6 stuff, overwrote it, reopened Flash, and republished the app. How do I know that worked? Well the .xml file that got published with the latest version of the game, now reads 2.6 in one of the tags. So thats proof enough for me. Here’s a look at that folder I put the new stuff in…




One thought on “AIR 2.6 Update (pay attention Android developers submitting to Amazon)

  1. First one note re Amazon AppStore – its not available worldwide yet. Well I can download the store itself just no apps from the store…..(i’m UK)…..disappointed and annoyed….

    Though aware of 2.6 and its progress I was waiting for the Flash update to happen but with your comments and the ‘official’ link you gave I had to nose further. Many hours of following more links, a few experinments and side tracked with a CS5.5 release anouncement (that I’m not at all sure about), I cannot see what you did will work.

    The SDK is a building block – a middle man kind of thing, the tools, like Flash have yet to catch up and use it.

    An issue is iff a device does not have Adobe Air and it downloads a ‘Flash’ app the 2.5 default points to Google’s place to download Air, in 2.6 this can be ‘changed’ so for Amazon this is elsewhere. I think this means that we will need two apk’s – one for the market and one for amazon.

    As I see it – at the moment – to use 2.6 things need to be run from the command line.
    Eventually and messily got this to work and did manage to include a ‘Move to SD’ option in the xml. Not tried the Amazon bit yet but thinks that is just another bit added to the command.

    Don’t know if Adobe are going to update CS5 with 2.6 or if they are going to make us go to CS5.5 which I wouldn’t be pleased about…..
    Better write up what I’ve done in case….


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