Actionscript 3 Side Scroller Games Tutorial:The greatest lesson since the last one.

Queue holy-sounding music. Here it is…

You can now know everything I currently know about making a side scrolling game with Actionscript 3 and Object Oriented Programming with Flash. And what the heck can you do with all that juicy knowledge?!… Well you could export out your awesome games for either the Android or iOS devices, since this tutorial includes code to use the Accelerometer to control the character. PLUS, you can swap in our out any kind of artwork you want. The game project includes a ninja character, but you could put in a more Mario-esque 8Bit style person or just use a marble ball and create a rolling game.

Anything is possible! I hope you check out the full lesson, it will be discounted at $15 for a FEW DAYS ONLY this time.



5 thoughts on “Actionscript 3 Side Scroller Games Tutorial:The greatest lesson since the last one.

  1. Jay says:

    Hey Justin, great stuff … I think this is the best gamming tutorial so far.

    Like always I am a bit confused on the “class” part of the code.

    For example, we have the code on:
    – Clock movie clip
    – On a AS file called main Timer
    – We also have code on the a class file MainTimer

    So please let me know if I am right …the code inside the clock movie instance is no necessary because I have the code in the AS file and the class is the trigger and editing part of the clock.

    Thx in advance


  2. Jay, there’s two examples in that lesson. One shows the OOP way, the other shows the non-OOP way, where you just have Actionscript on the main timeline of the Flash file (or in an external .as file using an include statement, but thats no different)

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