Adobe Nav. Huh.

Okay, this is just odd to me. Adobe has made an iPad app called Adobe Nav which will let you choose your most used Photoshop tools, and then…(wait for it)…select them in Photoshop on your desktop computer. Right. So instead of using a hot key or selecting those same tools with the mouse, you can switch from computer to tablet to NAV-igate your software. Sound strange? Watch it in action here.

And correct me if I’m wrong, Photoshop is one of Adobe’s programs that does NOT allow you to customize your own hotkeys. UPDATE: ANNNNND my friend Mike did correct me for being wrong. You can customize your hotkeys in Photoshop IF you stop looking in the Preferences panel (like I’ve been for years and years and years) and just look into Edit. Seriously, how many versions have I been looking in vain in the Preference menu. I guess Keyboard shortcuts are more of an Edit thing??

Bottom line: Its cool Adobe or ANYONE for that matter, can now mess with the software through an iPad interface, but my hunch is that only people that want to look more productive instead of actually being more productive will move their hands off the keyboard and onto a tablet to work.


3 thoughts on “Adobe Nav. Huh.

  1. Justin, you can customize just about any Photoshop shortcut to your heart’s content.

    Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… (on Mac)


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