That Actionscript 3 Pinball tutorial is officially in the works!

The Teachening has begun! For those that are curious, here’s a preview of whats ahead in this Flash lesson…

For those non-humans listening, this tutorial will have lots of Actionscript 3, OOP and all the fun that goes along with it. You’ll see in the video above, you can just copy and paste pinball components like bumpers, flippers, walls without having to touch the code. And you can simply change a variable to add more pinballs. Obviously too, this tutorial could be used for more than just pinball, if you wanted to make a marble game or whatever. Ahem, (here comes the shameless plug) if you just can’t wait to learn some game-related Actionscript 3, there’s plenty of lessons here). Also for an intro to OOP and AS3, there’s a free high def lesson in our Vimeo account.

Okay, you’re distracting me from actually teaching it. Bye for now folks!


5 thoughts on “That Actionscript 3 Pinball tutorial is officially in the works!

  1. Adam says:

    Looking really good, I’m so curious to see how you’ve tackled the collisions, I’ll definitely be picking this one up. Hope to see plenty more AS3 gaming tutorials.

  2. Impressive! I am really curious how you codded the physics for this one and yes more as 3.0 gaming tutorials because molhil is coming and we must be ready for it:)

  3. dan says:

    Wow. Super excited to get this tutorial. I’ve been wanting to make a pinball in flash for a long time.

    I like the starting video, but I see 2 glitches that I assume wont be in the final tutorial?

    1: The bounce angles seem to be off. (it might just be me). I see some balls on the left fall down straight, but bounce off to the right a litte. Some balls seem to fall straight down onto an angled bumper, but bounce straight back up. Can you show us how to fix bump angles?

    2: The pinballs roll down to the flippers, but seem to bounce and jiggle on them as soon as they touch? Can you show us how to make a smoothe roll down flippers and bumpers?

    Again, super excited for this. when is it being released?


  4. All the math is pretty simple. You can just change a few variables and make it like Pinball on the moon. And if you want the pinballs to bump off more to the left or right from the angles you can. And yeah from playing real pinball at a bar the other night, I noticed the real physics is a bit tighter. But ALL the math is very simple, you can do whatever you want.

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