HTML5 Basics Tutorial, Stick Men Fighting Tutorials and Two New Templates!

Okay, I do this every month. I write the newsletter than immediately run over to the blog and copy the same text and image and just paste it in here. So maybe today, I won’t do that…. er, wait. I’m lazy. Here I go again. I’ll do you all a favor and just highlight the same stuff you super loyal readers might have already just read in your copy of the newsletter…

As you can see above we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff to announce this month. Most of you web-heads will be interested (perhaps begrudgingly if your brain is full) in the HTML5 Basics Package. This course truly is like a great training book on video. Sit back, and just soak in the new features of HTML5. There’s some really, really cool things taught, most of which I didn’t even know about.

And for you Toon Boom Animators, we’ve got a new Stick Men Fighting Tutorial thats a lot of fun. Perhaps one of you can create the next super popular stick-fighting video for YouTube (if you do, puh-lease tell me)

We’ve got two new templates, a second YouTube Player Template, and a brand new deep linking Wall-Style Photography Template that has just about every feature you can possibly think of, including an integrated Paypal shopping cart, video gallery, AND even password protected galleries.

AND purchasing ANY of those new tutorials or templates today, gets you a $5 off coupon code good till Mid-May.

All the new lessons and templates can be found right here…


So I did just notice Adobe CS5.5 came out today. Ugh, $500-plus dollar upgrade for the Master Collection. Is that 0.5 really worth upgrading the entire thing or should I be tight and just upgrade Flash for $115 (pretty much the only Adobe program I really use)… queue the Jeopardy Music.

Thoughts anyone?


3 thoughts on “HTML5 Basics Tutorial, Stick Men Fighting Tutorials and Two New Templates!

  1. Adam says:

    I’m having the same internal debate on upgrading to CS5.5, it is really irritating that it’s so expensive. Also I tried to just upgrade Flash on the last release and was told by Adobe that I couldn’t, it was upgrade Web Premium or not at all, that could be a UK-only policy I suppose but probably not.

    The HTML 5 course looks cool, the guy is quite intense about how wonderful it is at the beginning though. Well, I guess it’s time to start learning it.

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