Illustrators wanted for various projects

A couple of hirers (or is it hirees?) emailed me over the weekend about jobs that they need illustrators for. And since my pimp hand for artists isn’t that strong these days, I’ll just let them know who you are via this article. So if you want to have your work looked at, leave a comment below with your portfolio site. I think both are probably looking for Justin Cook’s style of art (which can be seen in most of our Animate tutorials).

Also I’d love to browse through some portfolios just out of curiousity, so even if you aren’t exactly a cartoon illustrator, feel free to comment with your work anyway.



21 thoughts on “Illustrators wanted for various projects

  1. Hello Folks,

    Thank you Justin for posting my request on your blog. I am looking for an illustrator who can draw characters that have a universal appeal. In particular they need to look like corporate business people of various ethnic backgrounds. Ideally I plan on creating 12 male and 12 female characters. The characters need to have only a very slight cartoon feel to them but if you look at the gallery you will see this particular character:

    If you can draw characters like this then please email me your contact information, a link to your online portfolion and we can go from there.

    Commitment is over the next 4-5 months, I need characters and backgrounds (see website). The character work isn’t just draw me a character, it’s much more extensive than this.

    Thank you all very much. I am looking forward to hopefully meeting a great illustrator for this project.

  2. I am submitting my portfolio for your review. A link to my portfolio (which includes illustration, animation and other things) is:

    Here is a direct link to some illustrations that might be of interest to you:

    There isn’t much on my website that matches your request exactly but the cartoon at the bottom of link would give you a good idea of my people drawing skills.

    Also, my animation page has some samples that might be of interest, if only from a style standpoint. The URL is:

    Thank you very much for looking and I hope that you like the work!


    Thanks for the opportunity and

  3. Hi,
    can help….. any style, in Vector Image, Digital Art
    all work Guaranteed Quality.

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