Remember that $5 discount coupon? Its good all weekend (plus one day)

So since its Memorial Day weekend here in the States, which means most everyone is off doing something other than their normal thing, I’ll keep this $5 discount coupon active over the weekend plus one day into June, just in case what you want to do this weekend is hole up with some training…So here’s that discount code for anything we sell at 1603NK71

And for those strange people wondering, “Justin, how’s your week been?”. Well since you asked. I’ve been going through a Cocos2D training book. If you don’t know what Cocos2D is, here’s where you can find out more , but basically its a bunch of code to make Xcode better for creating games with. And as soon as I’ve crammed enough of this into my head to regurgitate teach what I’ve learned, I will. Or maybe I’ll make an awesome game and no one will ever hear from me again. Kidding. I’ll have my phone no matter what.

Enjoy your holiday!


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