Monster Digital Painting Tutorial

Jimeny Crickets!  I knew I forgot to do something yesterday! We released a new Photoshop tutorial on Digital Painting and you can still get it for $5 less using the coupon code 1603NK71  (which also works all over the place on Click the awesome pic below to check out our latest tutorial, taught by the great Neil Phyfer. And you can see a ton of Neil’s work at .

Also now I remember why I was so absent minded yesterday, I had dreamy thought bubbles of a new 27 inch iMac, and around 3pm I sped off to the Apple Store to buy one. No luck on getting exactly what I wanted, so I’m working from my laptop today (again, sigh). I finally gave up on bringing back my G5 tower from the dead. After a zillion crashes at startup and a lot of new parts, I resolved to say goodbye to her over the weekend. There is something sad about sitting indian style on the floor, below your desk, and looking at a big metallic box thinking “You kinda suck now, but thank you for your years of service”… And on that note, if anyone has a copy of every tutorial I’ve made since 2004, please get in touch…. Just kidding, I do have everything backed up and cloned like crazy. CartoonSmart will have a new cylon body soon enough.


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