Exploring Adobe Illustrator- 24 Hour Mega Course AND Discount Coupon!




Yep you read that title right! This is CartoonSmart’s first 24 Hour Course. But fear not, this is 111 awesomely separated videos, exploring about a bazillion things in Adobe Illustrator (and yes you read that right too, 111 as in one hundred and eleven!)  A list of each course is on the sales page here: Exploring Adobe Illustrator.

Last week I posted a couple free previews and to further entice you I’ll add a couple more below. Brian Zaikowski is an amazing instructor and I really want you all to check out his courses. They are incredibly detailed but he’s also very enjoyable and relaxed on the mic.

And to get this course well under $1 per hour, I’m releasing another $5 discount code to further get the already-discounted price down some. So this $25 course, will come out to $20 for those of you reading this article.   “…thats like a dollar an hour!”  – Napolean Dynamite 

So that discount code is… ARJ2WHD9  … which also can be applied to anything else on CartoonSmart over the next week. Wanna test it out? Go ahead and apply to this course in the shopping cart by clicking here.

And here’s more freebies from this series. The first on the cool 3D Revolve tool in Illustrator…

And one more (so you know how to pronounce “Calligraphic”)…


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