Does my close-to-final game design need anything? More cowbell?

Long time no post. I’ve been…er, obsessing just a wee bit over this pinball game I’ve been working on. I’ve been simultaneously designing and programming this game, which can be a really good thing for forcing yourself to learn new code to facilitate your design, but it can also make the design phase go on endlessly. Knowing what’s possible now it would be much easier to spend a few solid days on the design and then code exclusively. But thats for my next game. Here’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve been programming this using Xcode, Cocos2D and Box2d (a physics engine) So the physics in it aren’t hacked together by me, its the real deal. And it plays 60fps smooth on the iPad 2 and about 54fps smooth on the iPad 1. Which is probably only noticeable to me.

So last minute design suggestions anyone? I’ve got to take a couple days off to actually make some new sales pages for CartoonSmart, so my mind is clear of this for at least 24 hours…(click to embiggen)



14 thoughts on “Does my close-to-final game design need anything? More cowbell?

  1. Looks like a very slick pinball game! My only comment from looking at it is that usually (I think) pinball machines have more… things to hit in the middle. Bumpers and whatnot. I think you have a lot of those on the sides and the top though?

    Looks great, but would probably have to play it to really see how well the layout works. The Kingpin looks great though!

  2. john says:

    Looks pretty tight, yo. you put alot of effin details on that kingpin character. you planning on making some serious dough off of this? tablet/smartphone games are the money makers nowadays? good work justin.

  3. Look really great, keen to try it out, altholugh having an extra flipper somewhere up above would assist with targetting side pockets? otherwise Kingpin alias Mr BIG looks awesome also the escape road looks interesting ;-). Nice work!!!

  4. Adam says:

    That looks f*****g amazing. What did you use for the artwork? I’m guessing Photoshop obviously but there is a whole mix of stuff in there. It looks sweet, I agree with Kalen that there should probably be a bit more to hit in the middle.

    Box2D is cool, there is a version of it for AS3, any chance of a tutorial there? I’m guessing the next tut will be on Cocos2D? Any chance of a vid going through the development process (how you started/what you learn kind of summary)?

    Anyway, serious good work man.

  5. Too bad I don’t have a MAC, I would love to learn this.

    Justin do you know any good resources for learning box2d for flash ?

  6. Those tutorials are really good for Box2D. I like how he explains the differences between movieclips and objects in the box2D world. I went back and forth a little bit learning Box2d with Xcode and Flash, granted I never opened up a Flash document to play around, but inevitably you end up googling some documentation for both versions, and seeing how the same code is written (but slightly different) for AS3 actually helped. One small example was this symbol -> is just a period in the AS3 version.

    And yeah, I definitely will be teaching all this in a course soon, but I think I need to start with Cocos2D before the mind boggling world of Box2D. I still feel a little confused at times. By the way, a good book is the one by Appress called like Game Development with Cocos2D.

    Anyway, Adam, I did the artwork in Flash mostly. The main character though was a piece I bought of a stock image site. I had him in the game as a comp piece for a long time, and figured I would just trace him over eventually with some changes, but then I just broke down and paid for the image usage because I loved it so much. I added hair and moustach was all.

  7. Adam says:

    Cool, thanks for the info Justin. It’s a great mix of graphics and I can’t wait to see it in action.

  8. Beautiful looking artwork, and I cant wait to see it in action. I agree that it looks a little bare in the middle. No bumpers or score multipliers. These may be a trifle traditional, but it makes it instantly familiar to pinball enthusiasts.

    Looks legit! 😉

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