Toon Boom training comes to my home state.

My friends at Toon Boom just tipped me off to this article  about Toon Boom training here in Georgia. Here’s some cut and paste from the full article…

The Georgia Entertainment Media Work Ready Region, the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Economic Development (Digital Entertainment Office) are pleased to announce and provide Toon Boom Software Training for 2 weeks during the summer. With this industry expected to grow to more than $555 Billion dollars by 2015 in the United States, the leadership of the Georgia Entertainment Media Region are vested in making sure industry can excel in Georgia and will sponsor the three (3) two week courses priced at $2500 each that will be offered FREE to those referred by their employers. The course will be taught on Animate Pro from a Toon Boon instructor flown in from Toronto, Canada.

And I was just talking to an art director here in Atlanta working on an animated show for FX (I’ll let ya guess which show), and we joked around about his crew using Flash because it crashed on them constantly. Of course its a tough sell to get anyone to switch software midway through production but I did tell him they need to look into Animate for his next show. Maybe an animated episode of Dexter with guest Casey Anthony. Sigh…. our legal system.


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