Flash 11 Beta is in the Lab!

Lab link here. And whats awaiting you in this version…

  • Stage3D Accelerated Graphics Rendering
  • Flash Access Content Protection Support for Mobile
  • Native JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Support
  • G.711 Audio Compression for Telephony
  • Garbage Collection Advice
  • Cubic Bezier Curves
  • Secure Random Number Generator
  • Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) and Flash Access Enhancements
  • Socket Progress Events
  • Native Text Input UI (mobile)
  • JPEG-XR support
  • Enhanced high resolution bitmap support
  • High efficiency SWF compression support
  • DisplayObjectContainer.removeChildren and MovieClip.isPlaying

Huh. I thought that MovieClip.isPlaying was already around for a bit. Maybe in my dreams.

Also thanks to Ma-Ma-Mario yesterday for pointing out a cool Minority Report style Flash interface. Here’s a link to how it was done, and some video of it….

Whoa. Just noticed that was done waaaay back in ’09. Practically decades ago =)


2 thoughts on “Flash 11 Beta is in the Lab!

  1. I’m curious, and maybe this is a good section to discuss it. For 3D internet games now, where is it at? Has Unity gained enough market share/people have the plugin installed to be feasible. Is Flash for 3D the future? Is Papervision3d still a valid option?

    I’m just curious, I might consider doing a casual type game in the future, but I think 3D would be fun to do.

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