New CSS 3 Tutorials, Two New Templates and a 20% Off Discount Code!




We released a whooper of a newsletter yesterday and of course I forgot to mention it here on the blog. So most of you already know about everything below but in case ya don’t….

We’ve got an amazing CSS 3 course out now. This is taught by Lawrence Turton who also did that fantastic HTML5 Basics course and Jquery tutorial. You can find more details and a 45 minute preview right here!  Isn’t 45 minutes kinda long for a preview? Well not when the entire course is 9 hours!

And our incredible template author Tibi has released two new templates. The Signal Static Video Template (my fav, love the static effect) and a Slideshow Template with Password Protection. Also you can now purchase EVERY template of his that we sell for $150. Just visit the template index here, and that offer will be on top.

And we have a 20% off coupon running for pretty much anything on the site, that code is M1216409, and will be good for the next 10 days.

Last up, Apple approved Kingpin Pinball for the iPad! If you want to check out some of the gameplay, I uploaded some right here.

Have a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “New CSS 3 Tutorials, Two New Templates and a 20% Off Discount Code!

  1. The kingpin games is super impressive, congrats for the game.

    Do you think something like that can be done with flash and box 2d ?

  2. Adam says:

    Kingpin pinball is awesome, looks really smooth and I hope you have plenty of success with it.

    I think Flash could pull off a box2d pinball game no problem – I’m not sure whether or not AIR for iOS would provide enough performance for a Flash-based iOS version but it should run fine in a desktop browser. I think games engines like Flixel would be handy too for something like that.

  3. Justin please consider a box 2d tutorial for flash, there are a lot of developers interested in this subject, I think this is a must do tutorial 🙂 !

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