Anyone play with PhoneGap yet?

Just curious if anyone out there has played with PhoneGap at all. Longtime student Marcus pointed this out to me today and it looks interesting. If you have, pop some comments up with your thoughts / whats possible / etc. This is probably the 3rd or 4th export-to-everything type platform I’ve been emailed about in the past few months, but I think this is the first thats built around HTML5, so thats interesting.


8 thoughts on “Anyone play with PhoneGap yet?

  1. I tried PhoneGap earlier this year, but was unsatisfied with the result, so I went ahead and just learned how to program natively for android. It might have gotten better since then, though. What I didn’t like was flickering when changing screen (I feel most HTML5 mobile frameworks have this problem) and a lack of native look (it looked too much like an iPhone app). I think apps should look native to their system.

  2. I’ve built some apps with PhoneGap, and I think it’s cool, because User Interface development become easier with HTML & CSS instead of playing with XML in construction App. GUI, like in Android App. Development.

    Check this out a Simple Live Photo Sharing App. made using PhoneGap.

    Visit my site: , for more info about PhoneGap and another Info about app. development

    PS: interested in link exchange ? 😀

  3. @iernie2k, do you use AJAX to navigate between page or just link to to another HTML file ?

    I was get the same problem when I use the second way(linking to another HTML file),

    and now I use AJAX Call to navigate between page, and I think it’s better

  4. @Admin Looking back at my files I see I used PhoneGap together with jQuery Mobile, so might have been that causing the flicker. Does PhoneGap come with its own JS framework now or do you still have to use another (like jQuery)?

    It seems I made navigation with links to a hashtag, so I had multiple divs inside the same html file and pointed to one of the divs with #. This might be more jQuery Mobile specific though.

  5. @iernie2k what platform did you use ? Because for some platform, the browser ability to render the page is not quite good.

    As I know PhoneGap just provide the framework to access the phone native feature(like camera, compass, geolocation, contact access, notification, etc). In my past app. made using PhoneGap, I used jQuery framework.

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