Anyone wanna learn some iOs App Development this weekend?

Anyone wanna learn some iOs App Development this weekend? Particularly Cocos2D!  My new 6 session course has begun. Right now only session 1 is available to download, but early next week I’ll have session 2 recorded and hopefully available. Originally I was planning to get session 1 and 2 finished before making the course available for sale, but since I JUST got an email from someone asking to get this out already, I’ll go ahead and do a pre-release for you weekend warriors… Ta-da. It has a logo….

Cocos2D will be used a lot during this course, which is basically a coding language to make things much easier (I think) to program with in Xcode. Memory management is much less of an issue and for any of you coming from an Actionscript background, you’ll love this language. Also like my previous 6 part iOs course, I’ll be releasing these sessions over a few months and if you purchase now, you will get an email anytime a new zip file is available to download.

Session 1: 2 Hours -Available now
Video 1 – Introduction to the Series
Video 2 – Getting Started – Installing XCode and Cocos2d
Video 3 – Getting Started – Quick Xcode Tour and Adding Sources to Your Project
Video 4 – Getting Started – The App You Will be Building
Video 5 – Getting Started – App Identifiers and Provisioning Profiles
Video 6 – Cocos2D – The Basics , Bringing in Images, Scheduling Methods (Game Timers) and Much More
Video 7 – Cocos2D- Accelerometer, Touches, Actions

 Session 2: – Available Next Week Creating an iPad or iPhone E-Book / Children’s Book Starter Kit. This video will teach how to build what essentially will become an ebook template. This will teach Cocos2D Scenes, Layers, Singletons, as well as in-App purchasing.

Sessions 3-6: To be announced.

As always the finished project files will be included, and the videos are in High Definition.

The entire course (which will probably be around 12-20 hours) is only $40!  Click here to purchase. UPDATE: Here’s the official sales page!


7 thoughts on “Anyone wanna learn some iOs App Development this weekend?

  1. moosc says:

    I found this offer in twitter, but where is the info of the course, any link?
    I asume that the page is that, is correct?

    Is this the course?

    I don´t know if i´ll buy the course (the children book seems really interesting), but the design of the page it does not inspire confidence (sorry for that, it seems a spam page).

    Look this pages (where i buy content regularly):
    Good design, good information, with free preview…

  2. luiz says:

    PEER 2 PEER interests me a lot
    I just did not buy because does not cover all Game Center features
    then I suggest now “Multiplayer matchmaking” for Sessions 4-6.
    this is an issue that will draw the attention of many people

  3. Well peer 2 peer doesn’t necessarily have to be a game center thing. I’ll definitely go into Game Center in this new course, but I might not touch on peer 2 peer connections. I dunno yet.

  4. luiz says:


    “I’ll definitely go into Game Center in this new course”
    COOL and thanks!

    i know about PEER 2 PEER CONNECTIONS course! GREAT.
    I’m not asking you do it again!
    but for me it is useless “for now” because I need to implement peer2peer and multiplayer matchmaking in my game!
    I’m asking you to do another course covering just game center´s “multiplayer matchmaking”.
    so I’ll wait until this course is available so I buy both at once.

  5. luiz says:

    this Game Center course will take too long?
    will you cover online matchmaking and voice chat?
    I really need to know.

  6. luiz says:

    about Session 4: Game Center & iAds – being developed

    Thank you for covering game center
    I will tell all my friends who are interested in implement online multiplayer it in their ios games
    can you please focus more on the course subject than the complexity of the game itself?
    i mean,making a “simple game” (a simple space invader or a simple space shooter) with one second player or more accepting the matchmaking invitation and joining the game.
    that way you would be focusing more on the explanation of the implementation.

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