Build a Flip Book App! iOs App Development Session 2 is in the can!

Alrighty the official sales page for this ongoing series of lessons is live!  Just added to the saga: 2 hours of instruction on how to create a flip book app for the iPad or iPhone. The session is divided into two main videos. The first one teaches how to build the basic page turn template. So afterwards you could submit either a free book app or paid book app to the store. The second video teaches how to add in-purchasing to the book. So you could release 50 pages for free, and then ask folks to pay for the remainder of the book.

You’ll also learn to create an index for the book, or trigger any action you want on any page. So you could add specific code to a specific page. This opens the door to making a really dynamic kids book with buttons press, things to fiddle with or move around on a per page basis. But at its very simplest, session 2 will give you video instruction for an awesome page flip starter kit. For example, just name your files page0.png to page30.png, drop them in the resources folder and you’re nearly done after tweaking a few variables.

Check out the intro to this session…

Just noticed the frame rate in the video lags a little. This is only due to recording from my web camera. The page turn effect in the app itself is super smooth. If you have an iPad, you’ll able to download this app for free in the App Store as soon as it is approved (in a few days)

Right now the entire series ONLY costs $40, so you’ve got tons more courses to follow, but in my humble opinion Session 2 is worth the $40 alone!  More details on the official sales page or click here to purchase the course. When new sessions are added, you’ll get an email with instructions to download the new files.



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