Make a good iPad Book App or else! (else it goes to the iBookStore)

Artist Raghava KK demos his new children's book for iPad with a fun feature: when you shake it, the story -- and your perspective -- changes. In this charming short talk, he invites all of us to shake up our perspective a little bit.

Ready to learn the difference between an iPad App that has been placed in the category of Books VS. an iBookStore iPad app?… Add interactivity. Just a page turn effect will NOT be enough to get your book app approved as an “app”. And the App Store is the place to be right now. The iBookStore is a whole different entity with I’m sure far fewer people casually looking around.

But the good news is, remember that iOS lesson I just taught, its already setup for adding interactivity on a per page basis. The thing I need to emphasis in the lesson is adding something is a MUST to get it approved as an app. And that pic above, links to a video with some great suggestions on things you can do.  You might want…

– Add simple buttons that change the page artwork (think of a light switch clicking on or off)

– Incorporate the accelerometer to float some of the art work around

– Add touch events that move some of the artwork. That could easily be called a “sticker” portion of your book.

There’s TONS you can do. And when you submit your book for review, I would definitely detail in the description of the app, all the things that separate your book app from a boring ol’ book. Or else Apple will just want to shelf it in the iBookStore.





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