Session 3 Part 1 is ready to download

Alrighty, the first half of session 3 of our new iOs App Development tutorial series is ready to download. Clocking in at around 2 hours, its divided up like this…

Video 1 – Animating Images / Sprites with Cocos2D
Video 2 – Writing a custom class. We create our own Cocos2D class for doing the same animation in video 1, but add some special options like tinting the entire animation, changing the opacity, looping from a random frame, etc.
Video 3 – Sprite Sheet Animations with Cocos2D. We explore the performance benefits of creating a single png file with all of our images (sprites) to animate
Video 4 – Adding effects and background sound with the Simple Sound Engine in Cocos2D.
Video 5 – Using your own fonts to make a score label in Cocos2D

Videos 6 and beyond, covering Your First Cocos2D Game, will be recorded and uploaded soon.


One thought on “Session 3 Part 1 is ready to download

  1. Loving these tutorials. Still trying to figure out how do on an on object press animate that object instead of the on screen press. Once I figure that out, my children’s book will be ready to code. Well at least coding wise, drawings are going to take a bit.

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