The Mirror effect, when isn’t it cool? And why isn’t it a Flash Filter?!

Check out these ad campaign photos from an airport in Germany. Pretty brilliant use of the floor’s natural reflection. It makes me think some modern-day Mad Man got a free trip to, well the airport, to “take in” the space for inspiration and just happened to notice they kept the floors all nice and polished.

Okay, thats my loose tie-in to a mini Flash rant. Just yesterday I was thinking how awesome it would be to have a mirror effect filter in Flash. Right now you can easily achieve that effect by copying the symbol, blurring it a tad, flipping it upside down and arranging it behind the primary object. But what would REALLY be easy would be to hit a Filter button, and not have to worry about keeping a separate symbol. And the Filter properties could be sliders for how blurry the mirror effect is, the clipping, the angle, etc.  So anyway, I was thinking about this, and then realized, wait…. we haven’t seen ANY new Filters since Flash 8. So, we’ve got Flash CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 (ahem, more like CS5.05). So Adobe, throw us designers a bone. I know its hard to believe, but you actually have people like me that almost only use Flash to illustrate/design with.  And I don’t want to hear that a mirror effect can be done with Actionscript, because in my best Eric Cartman voice, my reply is “I care!”. Doing it with code, doesn’t gel with me as a designer, nor can I export out a PNG with code.

Rant over. Here’s those pics…


One thought on “The Mirror effect, when isn’t it cool? And why isn’t it a Flash Filter?!

  1. Real Tools! says:

    Wait, are you saying you *didn’t* get a computer science major via simple, inexpensive osmosis while you went to school to study art & animation?

    “Why dontcha just use HTML5, huh?”

    Instead of talking myself blue in the face while they look at me like a dog being shown a card trick, these days I just show people a bunch of Adam Phillips’ Brackenwood stuff to get them to understand the purpose of animation tools with actual interfaces meant for humans.

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