We have new HTML5 Tutorials! Build an entire website!

Lawrence Turton, our expert instructor in all things HTML5-related, guides us step by step through creating a complete website using the latest web technologies. And for those of you dragging your feet on learning the latest features of Dreamweaver CS5 and 5.5, Lawrence shows us how DW integrates in with all this emerging coolness taking over the web. Here’s some of the highlights of what you’ll learn….

– Javascript
– Jquery
– CSS3
– Interactive video with Popcorn.js (a free library for integrating the web and video)
– Trigger events or content on the page based on what point your video is playing (see the example site linked up on the sales page)
– Compressing and optimizing files
– Integrating Twitter, Flicker and Google Maps
– 3D Page transitions
– HTML5 Galleries that use the Canvas API to add effects to images dynamically (for example, make an image black and white without having to actually save a separate colored copy)
– How to safely support all types of devices, be it table, smart phone or just older browsers that don’t understand CSS3 or javascript
– Progressively enhancing your site with all this new stuff
– And again, all THIS using the latest Dreamweaver

More details at the sales page here



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