Some random CartoonSmart news….

Okay, I’m expecting a big work week coming up, which probably means with my luck, nothing I’m planning to do will get done. But I’m nearly done recording the end of the Wave Attack Game for the iOS course, so again, sorry for the delay but its coming. I did though update all the previous files in the course to the latest version of XCode and Cocos2D. Xcode will automatically update them, you’ll just get a warning that says basically “wanna take a snapshot before updating the project”.  And updating Cocos2D we talked about on the blog last week ,  so I just did that on all the previous projects for you.

Also I’ve had this article open in a browser window for about a week to remind myself to post it, and so I can finally close this dang window, here’s an article about John K (of Ren and Stimpy fame) now using Toon Boom Harmony instead of Flash. What’s wild to me is that he ever used Flash to animate.  And not because of Flash’s shortcomings as an animation program, but just because John K seems like such a classical animator its hard to imagine him working with a computer at all. Here’s what he says though…

“Flash always seemed to me to be a program that was not designed for animation but was the only one that you could bend to do it. When I use Flash I am forcing it to do things that it’s not really capable of. I have to trick it into faking what I want.”

How true is that. Like a Jedi trying to do a Jedi mind trick on another Jedi.  To Flash’s credit though, you COULD fake it.  Just wasn’t easy.  And don’t get me wrong, I use Flash ALL the time still. All the  animations (and illustration work) for my recent apps in the App Store have used Flash. But those are minor animations, small objects on a pinball table appearing and disappearing mostly.

So anyway, we do have a Harmony tutorial coming soon. So for you serious animators . Until then, dont forget we do have a new Toon Boom Studio course and TONS of hours of Toon Boom Animate tutorials.

Also I just heard from our instructor John Nyquist and he is working on the 3rd and final part of the Actionscript 3 Strategy Games series. Parts 1 and 2 are posted there.

Finally, I’ve been posting some free previews of tutorials to our YouTube account, so if you want to see what’s new, go to . I also posted the entire Animated Stills tutorial ( the videos on YouTube are called Animating a Landscape / Photo in Flash pt 1 – 4).  YouTube now allows uploads longer than 15 minutes, which means I don’t have to edit an hour long preview into 4 or 5 parts so its much easier to share the training over there. Just puh-lease don’t try to email me via YouTube. Or even more unreliable, pseudo- email me by leaving a YouTube comment worded like an email.  Just email me directly. If I blink, I get 120 unread emails and the ones that don’t look like customer services emails get read really quickly, so a YouTube comment email might not catch my eye as needing actual attention.

Wow, I wrote a lot today. Sheesh. Back to real work.

One thought on “Some random CartoonSmart news….

  1. I use Flash for animated .PNG sequences, it’s a helpful feature for mobile apps. Loved the tutorial on eBooks in Cocos2D, created my first book with it. Now I’m doing version 2 in Kwik and Corona to see if it’s a little easier or not. I can make a video tutorial when I’m done if you’d like.

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