The Big Adobe News Today

A couple people wanted to hear my thoughts on this…. … and I’m an optimist, so I think its a really good thing from an innovation standpoint. It does sound like the War is over and Adobe is conceding defeat, but I’ve been on an iPhone for years now, and its felt that way to me for a long time already.

I read that Adobe cut 750 jobs the other day, so it sounds like resources are tight over there. And I’m sure their team for constantly optimizing the mobile version of Flash Player was a talented bunch that was pulling their hair out every time some new Android based phone introduced something that made the player run funky. And why spend the resources retooling Flash Player Mobile when there’s an option that could (over time) make everyone happier.

Hopefully Flash CS6 has a well built Publish to HTML5 option. It would be crazy if it didn’t now. And maybe what HTML5 is already capable of doing will make Adobe have to step up what Flash does. Because Flash doesn’t do enough as is. I’ve complained a lot about the Filters being “as is” for the past few versions.  Maybe will we get some Filters that are Publishable to HTML5-only. We saw the same thing a while back when publishing to Flash Player 7 greyed out using Filters and only the sites willing to step forward and force people to use the latest version gave their users the freshest experience. So this feels like one of those “draw a line in the sand” type moments for Adobe. Give us cooler tools to use in Flash, but make them HTML5 only.

What if tomorrow their press release said ,” to be as innovative as possible, Flash has to go on without Flash Player at all, for mobile and desktops. Flash Player 12 will be the last version”.  Its not gonna happen, but would you abandon the swf format, if it did mean your development tool of choice got dozens of awesome new features. Hmmm.

So anyway, its an interesting article, just to hear where Adobe’s head is at, but for anyone hooked on an iOS device like me, a Flash-less mobile device is already a reality.



4 thoughts on “The Big Adobe News Today

  1. I’m just glad they’ll still support Adobe AIR so I can still create native Android apps with Flash. I was in an Adobe Conference in NYC earlier this year and they kept pushing Edge and Wallaby, which was a tip off that Flash players on mobile were going adios.

  2. David Bellard says:

    Hey Justin,

    I saw and heard the news and check out the Adobe site to find a new product that they have out testing the water with. Not even sure if this is pre-beta or what. The product is called Edge, is this what is replacing Flash mobile? Have you had a chance to check it? What do you think?

  3. Well I hope so. We need something easy for simple web animation. Flash is great at that. But keep in mind, for a lot of users (on the iPhone) there was never a Flash Mobile. So it won’t be missed. But thats not to say something new won’t be embraced.

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