Resizing images for the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPhone non-Retina Display

Here’s a quick lesson on using Photoshop to batch process your images if you need to adjust the sizes or rename them for the various iOS devices out there. Its a PAIN if you do this on your own one image at a time.

In the video, I start with the iPad sized images, then shrink those to 84% for the iPhone Retina, then shrink those 50% for the non-Retina iPhones. Finally I rename on the images using another simple Action in Photoshop. And if you don’t know what Actions in Photoshop are, well watch the video!

Also Session 3 part 3 has been uploaded to the delivery server for all you past buyers of my iOS course. You should be getting an email shortly. If you don’t for some reason, you can always just request more time from your past links if they expired, or if they are still active, the new file should be listed.



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