Strategy Games Part 3 and Strategy Games the Complete Package are here!

The 3rd and final part of the Strategy Games series is finally here. You can purchase just part 3 from here, or click here/above to buy all 3 parts of the entire series. Here’s what you’ll learn in the final sessions…

  • Create a shaded terrain. Dynamically adjust contrast with the ColorMatixFilter class.
  • Create multiple states for an object. Progress from a simple switch statement to object-oritented states.
  • Create multiple players.
  • Learn to create a turn-based environment for units and players, for both human and computer input.
  • Create computer opponents.
  • Create multiple unit types: land, air, computer and human.
  • Use the bitmap class to create a “fog of war” that reveals the map as units move.
  • Differentiate between turn-based and non-turn-based states (and support both).
  • Add combat between units.

By the end of these lessons you should have a very playable strategy game which you COULD publish to your usual devices that the AIR exporter supports. So this could make a great Android or iPhone/iPad game.

Also any updates to this course, for example quick “what if” questions our instructor finds worth recording a lesson on will be free. Download links would get sent to existing buyers!




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