Another awesome student gets an iPad book in the App Store

Longtime student Elliot did the programming on this great book below, and if you listen close you can you hear me patting myself on the back… my humble Cocos2D tutorials helped him out. Obviously the virtual ebook part gave him some useful code. Speaking of which, I’m planning to record an overview tutorial of that Ebook template, and package it back up as a separate Starter Kit like I did with the Wave Attack Game.  And like that, if you’ve already bought the full course, you don’t need to buy both. A zip with the Starter Kit Ebook template will be added to your download link page.

Oh and more about this awesome book, the monster can be different every time. Read the app description……

Create your own monster character in just a few taps and see it appear throughout the story. With up to 10,000 customized monsters to choose from, there’s sure to be a monster for every child. Best of all, you can read it again and again, choosing a different monster each time.


One thought on “Another awesome student gets an iPad book in the App Store

  1. drew says:

    Wish I could an iPad too. My brother stole mine. I miss taking down notes with my iPad using the Ghostwriter Notes app. I get high grades with this app. I want an iPad! Anyone? LOL.

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