Optimizing Flash for the iPhone or Android

So I guess all I talk about on this blog is how to make apps now, but hey, that is kiiiinnnda the future of things for us illustrators, animators and web developers. And I’m sure I’m not the only one steering you toward app development, if you aren’t already, so by now hopefully you’re getting the hint. But this is good news for anyone not on the Mac (or just resisting learning XCode), Jeremy Hicks has returned with the beginnings of an epic course in Optimizing Flash for the iPhone (or Android). I have to keep reminding myself to write “or Android” when describing this tutorial, because writing less-bloated code is better for any mobile device, but I feel like this course is iPhone specific because Jeremy just went through hell and back to forge his Flash-made iOS app, Yin the Master of Yo, into the smooth-running application it is. I’ve played the app many times now, and it runs faster than anything else I’ve seen on the iPhone that Flash has packaged up. And for a buck, you can see for yourself too. Think of it as a $1 tip for sharing some of what he knows for freeeee….

… but that video is only the first 45 minutes of a MUCH longer course where Jeremy reveals all his newfound tricks. The tutorial focuses a lot on optimizing Actionscript 3 (as opposed to teaching the basics) so for those of you already familiar with AS3, you’ll be surprised how you can completely trim the overhead out of the language and get your app running at 40-60 frames per second. And aside from just the code, you’ll see how to create sprite sheets and do everything possible to make a fast app.

So stay tuned for details on the rest of the course. Actually we have a few more hours in the bag, so if you’re really jonesing for what’s already been recorded, post a comment and maybe we can do a pre-release type sale. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Optimizing Flash for the iPhone or Android

  1. Gabe says:

    I am jonseing for more. I just submitted my first ipad app (built with Flash cs 5.5) to the app store yesterday. I built it with a lot of help from your tuts here! This series looks like it is exactly what I am into learning next so I would pick it up whenever it is available. Sooner the better.

  2. Cool, I’ll talk to Jeremy about pricing it and a download-when-ready product (like my iOS course). Send me a link to the app when its ready, I’ll probably want to feature it here

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