Ebook Starter Kit now available as a standalone purchase (or free if…)

If you’ve already bought my iOS 6-Session tutorial course, your download link page now has a new zip for this Starter Kit. It includes many overview videos explaining how to setup this ebook (which you already knew if you watched the previous session courses) but it also includes some extra videos which cover sound fx, buttons, and particle FX. All things that can be used to tell your App Reviewer that your book is worthy of inclusion in the actual App Store (or they may tell you to rebuild it as an iBookStore product)

And if you’re not interested in learning much about XCode but you want to build an iOS Ebook, well here ya go! You can now purchase this EBook StarterKit and only learn what you need to know to get in the store. For the most part, the guide videos are pretty short, and the initial setup is darn easy (just replace the existing images “page1.png, page2.png”, and so on ). So yes, this is definitely for beginners to XCode and app submission. Just be sure you’ve got a Mac to develop on!


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