Using stock photos in a project?

Yay or nay? Anyone feel like thats a cop out or what?  Well I’ve used some stock illustrations in my apps. I’m not the worlds greatest illustrator, so at times I’ll go search a site like iStockPhoto for “inspiration”. And if I find its easier, and affordable to buy the art that inspires me, I’ll do it. Just check the licensing so you know you’re paying enough to use it properly.

So I got an email today from iStockPhoto advertising a new collection of art that is pretty cool, CSA Images. Most of which looks like it could have been hanging on the walls around Don Draper’s office.  Here’s a brief bit about the collection…

Established by Charles S. Anderson, the CSA Images collection began in the 1970’s. CSA Images is now one of the most extensive and highly awarded collections of graphic illustrations and design elements in existence.

Over the years, CSA has created countless original photographs, illustrations, and design elements along with seeking out and acquiring entire collections of original art from copyright owners. All told, CSA has spent hundreds of thousands of hours creating, commissioning, curating, and purchasing images in addition to researching millions of historic materials for rights clearance.

I’ll post up some ones that really struck me. And here’s a link to all 5671


2 thoughts on “Using stock photos in a project?

  1. As a very loyal customer and subscriber of all things cartoon smart I Thought I would share my favorite stock photo site! I always send our artist to look for files here. not only are they free they are all high quality and shot using very nice cameras. Most are shot on medium format cameras and you are able to get a 5000+ pixel image.

    I search kozzi first every time me or one of my staff needs a stock photo.


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