The first of two tutorials coming TODAY! PhoneGap and Dreamweaver is ready!


I really had no idea what PhoneGap did until Lawrence (our usual HTML5 instructor) brought this course to me.  But after playing with it, and even teaching a very small part of this course myself, I bring ye all good tidings. This is an amazingly quick way to build Apps, especially if you’ve already got some background with HTML, HTML5, CSS, and the usual stuff you code with for web development.

If you want the official story on PhoneGap, just visit their site here, and definitely check out the example video. You’ll also notice they just got bought by Adobe, so even though Dreamweaver CS5.5 already has built in functionality with PhoneGap, we can expect even more integration in the future.

Want my lay-man’s take on it? You can use Dreamweaver to build an App (iOs or Android), and PhoneGap basically translates your usual HTML code into native code that the device will use. The great part is that, in general, the same code gets used for Android or iOS. So with one click , you can publish to both. And previous to watching this course, ahem, I didn’t even notice this little menu option below in Dreamweaver CS5.5…

Cool huh. Guess I should actually explore these updates I pay Adobe handsomely for.

So if you publish the PhoneGap template, you’ll get something like this right off the bat…

It gets much cooler than that though. You can check out the sales page for more details. And this is a multi-session course, so he’s got 7 hours in the bag already, and more sessions coming. Lawrence and I have bounced around some ideas for things we’d like to see in the final session(s), but if you’d like to chime in, feel free to email us.  The price of $30 is a little more than usual, but this will be well worth it!




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