And our second new multi-session course is…Optimizing Flash for iOS and Android Export

Jeremy Hicks’ new lesson is finally here! We teased it a few weeks back by uploading a lengthy preview on Vimeo , so our apologies to anyone waiting patiently for a while. But the wait was worth it, I think. He’s put 10 hours of screen time into this, and MORE is coming. At least one more lengthy session will be emailed to early buyers, and if you all have any suggestions or questions on things you’d like to see in the final session, go for it.

For you human and non-human readers, here’s some bullet points of what’s already included in this Optimizing Flash for iOS or Android Export tutorial series…

  •  Exporting artwork for sprite sheets in Flash
  •  Using Texture Packer to create sprite sheets in Flash
  •  Converting the JSON output from Texture Packer to an Actionscript 3 object
  •  Texture Map for reading in the converted JSON object from Texture Packer as an Actionscript 3 object of coordinates
  •  Building the Image Class
  •  Creating Vector Objects, an optimized array to use less memory in the processor at run-time
  •  Good coding habits for clearing out references to prevent memory leaks
  •  Animation Classes that extend the Image Class for frame sequences
  •  Learn alternatives to Event Listeners to reduce CPU overhead and possible memory leaks
  •  Use Resource Loader to manage references so you only have one copy of a resource in memory
  •  Application Model Class, all of the application’s core data will go in this class to reduce replication and runaway code
  •  Entity Class, built off the Animation Class
  •  Extending the Entity Class for the Ninja and Enemy Class
  •  Moving enemies across the screen
  •  Object Pooling with the Enemy Pool
  •  When to use Timers vs Enter Frame
  •  Collision detection
  •  User interaction
  •  Keeping score
  •  How to deploy the Flash project to the iPhone for a true test of the memory usage and frame per second rates.
 And if you’re wondering, why bother to optimize your Flash code? Well Jeremy learned the hard way that exporting a Flash project to the iPhone isn’t so smooth at first. The frame rate can be pretty clunky without optimizing things. But after going to hell and back to learn everything he’s teaching us, his Flash-to-iOS app, Yin the Master of Yo, is available in the App Store and running very fast. Its also a great game!
And for the first 25 buyers of this course you’ll get a free promo code to download the game. 

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