My Valentines Day gift made me work.

My wife got me probably the most excellent gift ever. I had seen the first version of this that came out a while back, and for whatever reason didn’t get it. Then totally forgot these cabinets existed until yesterday. So my head pretty much exploded when she gave this to me. Quick review: It is a thing of beauty. Feels VERY well made, not cheap. And dog-gone-it, the buttons and joystick really play like arcade controls. It couldn’t be better. Although if they make a third version in the future with some improvement like two joysticks, I could see myself getting it.

So after paying $10 for a collection of old Atari games that work with the button and joystick controls, I went crazy searching for more games that work with it. Pac-Man IS one of them  (which I already had ). And then, I realized,  “wait… how come MY games don’t work with this?!”  And two hours later, one of them does (video proof below).

So AS SOON as my Angry Birds-style Game Starter Kit is done, I’ll post up how to get this working with your Cocos2D games. I found most everything I needed online already, but it won’t hurt to post even more tips for everyone. It is easy with the right code.

The big question: Any one else own one?


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