The Angry Ninjas Starter Kit is finally here!

She’s finally ready! Which some of you past buyers know already because you hopefully got the project file links a couple days ago. The videos guides are also available now, so be sure you download those as well.

So yes, its done !  This latest Starter Kit was a fun one to make, and as usual I got a bit carried away making it better then originally planned, and also making it easier to customize for you guys. One of the things I spent some time on at the very end was going back and adding some simpler code for preset vector definitions for shapes you could use in your stack. And the stack is of course the meat of your level. So you can easily add these shapes…

  • Circles
  • Squares / Rectangles
  • Triangles / Right Triangles
  • Parallelograms
  • Trapezoids
  • Hexagons
  • Octagons
  • Pentagons

 And that image above shows the exact code to create and add a new stack object to your level. I’ve highlighted where you define the image name to use (no need to add the file extension) and where it says usePentagon that will end up telling Box2D to make a pentagon collision shape for the object.

Other properties you might notice…

  • breaksOnGround – YES or NO whether or not the object will break when it hits the ground
  • breaksFromNinja – YES or NO  whether or not the object will break when a ninja hits it
  • hasAnimatedBreakFrames  – YES or NO whether or not to play a 10 frame animation of the object falling apart  (you’ll need to animate that yourself )
  • damagesEnemy – YES or NO whether or not the object can cause damage to enemies
  • density – how dense the object is, higher numbers make it more dense
  • angleChange – change the angle from 0 to 360 degrees.
  • makeImmovable – YES or NO whether or not the object is static or dynamic. Static objects won’t ever move
  • points – how much the object scores if it is breakable.
  • simpleScoreVisualFXType  – right now the template has three options breakEffectSmokePuffs,  breakEffectExplosion, or breakEffectNone . If you choose either of the first two values, when the object breaks it will play an animation over top of the image of a sequence of either smoke puffs or an explosion. You can add as many other break effect animations as you want. These are a much simpler way of showing the object break apart because it doesn’t require adding a custom animation for each specific object. But you can do both if you want.

And the Enemy class is pretty similar to the StackObject class. The only big difference is that the Enemy can have a damage factor and separate frames to show a progression of damage inflicted. So the first collision against an enemy could show a bandage on it. Then the next collision could kill the enemy. The amount of damage it takes to kill an enemy is up to.

Sooooooo…. I think I’ll leave the rest up to the sales page to fill you in on all the other fun features.

This Starter Kit has two purchasing options. Either a Personal License or Developer License.  If you want to make a game for yourself or your own company, the personal license is fine. If you want to build a game for a client using this template, then you need to purchase the Developer License (you’ll pass the cost onto them).  Both options are available here.  Just remember with both licenses we do expect you to modify most of the artwork to make the game unique to yourself or the company you are developing for. So replace the ninjas with something else and add new background art. 

And if you want to purchase the Personal License version of this kit with our iOS App Development course AND get 2 of our other Starter Kits, you can visit this page.

Alrighty, Happy Development!



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